Our experienced divorce solicitors will negotiate to ensure your best possible financial settlement in divorce

It is important that you take steps to settle the financial settlement in divorce formally following a divorce.

This is to ensure that you are both able, in as much as possible, to move on with your new lives independently and without any ongoing financial ties to each other in the future.

The financial settlement in divorce starts with negotiations which ideally should be led by a collaborative family lawyer or family mediator. Once negotiations are complete and where possible, we will legally formalise the agreement with a Consent Order which is approved by the Court. The Consent Order will provide you with a clean break which means your former spouse cannot make future claims against you.

Book A Fixed Fee Divorce Consultation to Discuss your Divorce Financial Settlement

We start proceedings with a free introductory call which enables you to outline your circumstances and for us to explain how we can help. Our team are friendly and approachable and are happy to answer your questions.

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This time can be used to discuss any family law matter whether it be divorce, child arrangements, a financial settlement, cohabitee dispute, surrogacy or any other family related issue. During this initial consultation we will provide an overview of the relevant law and answer any questions that relate to your specific circumstances.

The fixed fee appointment is also a good opportunity to begin building a professional rapport with your lawyer. Family law matters are generally very personal and emotive and you need to know that your lawyer is someone who talks your language, someone who is on your side and is someone you can trust.

The consultation will be followed up with a detailed advice letter which will outline everything discussed during the call.

Our Services Relating the the Divorce Financial Settlement

The financial negotiations during divorce can be one of the hardest aspects of divorce. Logically speaking, seperating one financial pot between two means that both will have less in the end so the division of assets is always based on “needs” rather than “wants”.

Always remember that when you instruct a Tyrer Roxburgh divorce solicitor we are on your side. We will ensure that your needs are clearly outlined and we will negotiate hard to ensure that your needs are met. In relation to the financial negotiations we can offer support in the following areas.

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The first introductory call is free and enables you to outline your circumstances and for us to explain how we can help. Our team are friendly and approachable and are always happy to answer your questions.

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Common Questions about Divorce and Financial Negotiations

Who can apply for a Financial Order?

It is open for either party to the divorce to apply to the Court for a Financial Order to determine how the matrimonial assets should be distributed on completion of the divorce.

What assets can the Court deal with?

The Court can deal with all matrimonial assets. This means that it can deal with any assets in which either party to the marriage has a legal or beneficial interest.

In some cases, the Court will also consider pre-marital assets in order to achieve a fair outcome.

When should I apply for a Financial Order?

It is usually best to try and deal with the finances at the same time as the divorce. However, this will not necessarily be appropriate in all cases. We can help you decide when to deal with the finances so it is most beneficial for you.

What types of Financial Order can the Court make?

The Court has a fairly wide discretion to make such Order or Orders in combination that produce a fair outcome. For example, the Court could Order the outright transfer of the former family home to one spouse. We provide more information on this topic in An Overview of Financial Orders in Divorce.

However, the Court can only deal with maintenance provisions for children in very limited circumstances and via a Child Maintenance Order.

How can I apply for a Financial Order?

You will need to submit the correct form to the Court together with your form showing that you have either attempted or are exempt from participating in mediation. The Court will then send a copy of your application to the other parent and list the case for a first hearing. This first hearing is known as a First Appointment (FDA).

How will the Court decide my case?

The Court will have regard to the particular circumstances of your case. It will take into account several factors such as your respective financial and housing needs, the resources available to you, your respective ages and the duration of the marriage.

In each case, the Court has discretion to decide what will be a fair outcome.

How much will I have to pay to make an application?

The Court fee for issuing the application is £255. We offer very reasonable rates for our work and we would be happy to discuss your case with you to work out the most appropriate fee arrangement going forward.

You may also qualify for Legal Aid – please see our Legal Aid page.