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Tyrer Roxburgh is one of North London’s leading Family Law firms. Vasoulla Constantinou is a partner at the firm and head of the family law team. Vas offers a fixed fee 1 hour family law consultation to discuss any family law matter.

Vas specialises in all areas of matrimonial and family law matters.  Vas is a dedicated, enthusiastic and ambitious family law solicitor who strives towards getting the best possible outcome for her clients who describe her as friendly, approachable, professional and knowledgeable.

Vas is a Resolution member, an organisation committed to the resolution of family disputes in a non-confrontational manner. This approach can sometimes be difficult to facilitate when emotions are running high but it’s a proven technique that helps to create solutions that work for the long-term.  However, when the opposing side is difficult and when the circumstances demand it, Vas will take no nonsense and is a formidable negotiator. This is demonstrated by a history of successful outcomes.


When you are faced with a family law problem a sensible place to start is an initial consultation which will help you to understand your position and to formulate a plan.

Vas offers a fixed fee 1 hour consultation. This time can be used to discuss any family law matter whether it be divorce, child arrangements, a financial settlement, cohabitee dispute or any other family related issue.

Many firms offer a free short consultation which enables them to provide an overview of their services. We don’t offer a free service, we offer a discounted initial consultation and we use that time to talk about you.

During this initial consultation we will provide an overview of the relevant law and answer any questions that relate to your specific circumstances. The consultation will be followed up with a detailed advice letter which will outline everything discussed during the call.

You will also know at the end of the consultation that Vas is someone who is very easy to work with. Family law matters are generally very personal and emotive and you need to know that your lawyer is someone who talks your language, someone who is on your side and is someone you can trust. That’s how most people feel after their first consultation with Vas. You will also end the consultation with clear and concise advice and clarity on your next steps.


The meeting can be held at our offices at St Michael’s Terrace, N22 or via telephone or video call, whichever works for you. To book a time please either call 020 8889 3319 or use one of the contact options below.

The consultation will cost £150 plus VAT. For a telephone or video meeting payment will be taken via card prior to the consultation. If the meeting is face to face, payment will be taken at our office.

If you have a question about our services, please use our online form to send us an email.

If you need to speak with someone you will always receive a friendly welcome if you telephone between the hours of 9am-5pm but if we are closed, you can  request a callback. We will call you back as near to your requested time as possible.

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