Services for Landlords

Possession Proceedings

If you are a private landlord and you need to evict your tenant we can assist you in preparing the appropriate Notice and upon the expiry of the Notice represent you if necessary in issuing proceedings at the County Court.

Once the Court has granted a Possession Order, after the expiry of the Possession Order you can apply to the County Court up to the High Court to evict your tenant from the property.

If your tenant fails to pay rent then you can give a Section 8 Notice under the mandatory Ground 8 to seek recovery of the property.

Illegal eviction

If you face a claim against you by your tenant for an injunction, a claim for unlawful eviction, illegal eviction or harassment we can assist you to defend the claim.

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Our Fees 

We offer fixed fee rates for work carried out for landlords depending on the facts of your case; see below 

Fixed Fees*

  1. Drafting and serving notice to recover possession under Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988  – £125 plus VAT
  2. Preparing and Issuing a possession claim under S.21 – £250 plus VAT and Court fee
  3. Drafting and serving notice to recover possession under Section 8  (Ground 8) of the Housing Act 1988  –  £200.00 plus VAT
  4. Preparing and Issuing a possession claim  under S.8 (Ground 8) –  £300 plus VAT and Court fee
  5. Issuing claim and representing at the local Court and up to first hearing) –   £500.00 plus VAT and court fee
  6. Preparing and Issuing a Warrant for possession of property (Bailiff Eviction)- £125.00 plus VAT and court fee

*This excludes disbursements such as court fee, process server fee