Podcast: Divorce and the Financial Settlement

Podcast: Divorce and the Financial Settlement

Tyrer Roxburgh’s family law solicitor, Vasoulla Constantinou, joins Audrey Zeitoun, a Relationship and divorce coach and Sarah-Jane Tasteyre a french family lawyer to host a lively and very informative podcast where they discuss the topic of divorce and the financial settlement.

The separation of finances during the divorce process can be a complex and stressful negotiation. If you are currently trying to negotiate a settlement or are likely to be going though this process in the near future then this Podcast is an essential listen. It covers ways to avoid Court, possible actions and Orders that could be the outcome of negotiations and what happens if one party fails to stick to an agreement.

Podcast Content Overview: 

  • What happens if no agreement can be reached on the division of assets ?
  • Mediation
  • A clean break consent order
  • Divorce order and financial order
  • What happens when one of the parties encounters financial difficulties, can we ask the courts for financial support?
  • Maintenance pending suit
  • What happens, when one of the spouse fails to pay maintenance?
  • Attachment of earnings orders?
  • How can Matrimonial Home Rights can protect assets during the divorce process.
  • What is financial disclosure and the Form E: when does it take place?
  • What happens if a spouse is hiding assets?

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