Why our Divorce Solicitors Don’t Offer Free Family Law Advice

Free family law advice

When contemplating divorce, in their quest for guidance many people turn to free family law advice. This probably seems like a cost-effective solution, especially during such a financially taxing time.

However, our divorce solicitors do not offer free family law advice. This decision is not made lightly, nor is it a marketing ploy. We offer an alternative initial advice solution, that isn’t free but is cost effective and helpful (unlike most free family law advice appointments).

Our stance stems from a commitment to provide reliable, comprehensive, and personalised legal services. Free advice, while initially appealing, often falls short of these standards.

Free initial advice is generally limited to twenty or thirty minutes which means the advice can be generic, lacking the depth required for divorce cases which are rarely generic. Free family law advice is unlikely to consider the unique circumstances and needs of each individual and is given in real time, which doesn’t really give the family law solicitor time to consider the options. Generally, with divorce, because each one is unique, there is more than one option to consider (such as your financial situation, your relationship with your spouse, or the best interests of your children) when it comes to a divorce settlement.

Free advice may not be reliable, and it’s rarely followed up in writing which means if it’s wrong or misleading, you will have very little if any comeback. Paid legal services offer the benefit of professional liability and accountability.

Why Free Family Law Advice Can Be Misleading

Free initial advice can be misleading for several reasons.

  • It can provide a false sense of security. You may believe that you have all the information you need, when in fact, you only have a superficial understanding of your legal situation.
  • Free family law advice is generally offered as a marketing tactic, rather than genuine assistance. This could lead to an underestimation of the complexity of your case and an oversimplification of legal issues.
  • Free family law advice is likely to overlook important details or legal options. This could result in an imbalance of power in negotiations, or worse, a settlement that is not in your best interest.

We also believe that there are ethical considerations that should prevent solicitors from offering free advice. Providing legal advice requires time, resources, and a thorough understanding of the client’s situation. Offering this service for free can lead to a conflict of interest and compromise the quality of the advice.

What We offer Instead of Free family Law Advice

Tyrer Roxburgh offer a fixed fee, one hour family law consultation. This time can be used to discuss any family law matter whether it be divorce, child arrangements, a financial settlement, cohabitee dispute or any other family related legal issue.

During this initial consultation we will provide an overview of the relevant law and answer any questions that relate to your specific circumstances. The consultation will be followed up with a detailed advice letter which will outline everything discussed during the call.

The consultation can be over the phone, via video call or face to face in our offices in North London; whatever works for you.

The cost is discounted, and this initial call is £150 plus VAT.

It may not be free family law advice, but it will be comprehensive family law advice which is backed up in writing.

The Importance of a Family Lawyer in Divorce Solicitors

For some, who are facing a relatively simple, non-contested divorce, the fixed fee family law consultation may be all they need but it’s worth considering the benefits of a family law solicitor in the divorce process.

Family law solicitors provide expert guidance ensuring that their clients’ rights and interests are protected and that they can achieve the most favourable outcome possible.

They offer a comprehensive service that includes strategic planning, negotiation, and representation in court proceedings. They also help manage the emotional aspects of divorce, providing support and understanding during a difficult time.

Solicitors have a deep understanding of the financial implications of divorce. They can provide detailed advice on matters such as asset division, spousal support, and child maintenance. This expertise is essential in securing a fair and equitable divorce settlement. Without advice, you could end up with a bad deal, especially if your former partner is taking advice. It’s maybe worth thinking of your family law solicitors’ fees, as an investment in your future. Investing in professional legal services for a divorce has long-term benefits that far outweigh the initial cost.

Without a solicitor to guide you through the process, you may be left feeling overwhelmed and uncertain and can leave you exposed to future financial claims if documents such as a Clean Break or Consent Order are not put in place.

Book a Fixed Fee Consultation

While free family law advice may seem appealing at first glance, it often falls short in providing the comprehensive, personalised, and strategic guidance necessary for a divorce. The limitations and potential risks associated with free advice underscore the importance of investing in professional legal services. If you have any questions about the consultation, please give us a call or use the Ask a Question form below.

We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable so if you need advice from one of our friendly solicitors, please do get in touch by calling 0208 889 3319 or via one of the options below.

The first introductory call is free and enables you to outline your circumstances and for us to explain how we can help. Our team are friendly and approachable and are always happy to answer your questions.

If you have a question about our services, please use our online form to send us an email.

If you need to speak with someone you will always receive a friendly welcome if you telephone between the hours of 9am-5pm but if we are closed, you can  request a callback. We will call you back as near to your requested time as possible.

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